"You captured him perfectly!"

That's what I exclaimed the first time I saw the photo Marcy Feld had taken of my son, Ian.  There he was, on the schoolyard swing, with his mouth curled in a sideways smile that revealed there was some devilish trick up sleeve, his eyes laughing.  Back then, most people thought Ian was a pretty serious kid, but somehow Marcy had managed to bring out the practical joker his family and friends knew lurked inside. 

Over the years, Marcy has photographed members of my family time and time again.  She's taken headshots of my daughter Amanda that somehow managed to make her look model beautiful while still holding onto the innocence of a thirteen-year-old child.  Let me tell you, that was no easy task.  It took patience, coaxing, and an innate ability to make a teenager feel comfortable.  That's Marcy's greatest gift.  When it comes to photographing kids no one can get them to let their guard down the way she can.

Marcy Feld's photos hang in every room in my house.  No artwork is more dear to me.  Every time I look at those pictures, I hear my children's young laughter, and remember the little things that made them smile, and that led them to the people they are now. 

And time and again I hear myself saying, "Marcy, you captured them perfectly."

Nancy K.

Marcy..no one has captured the soul of my daughter as you have. The picture you took 16 years ago is the young woman she is today. Her shy intensity that you captured when she was 4 resonates today. Thank you.

Vivian S.

Marcy’s photographs have become touchstones in our lives. We have Marcy’s portraits of our three children throughout our home and each photo captures the child’s personality, as well as her or her stage of life. They are cherished by us and treasured by our now-grown children.

Patrice S.

Marcy is a true artist. Her photographs are brilliant, and she naturally captured the expressive spirit and beauty of our children and family. Her enthusiasm and sense of emotion created a timeless collection of memories that I hold dear. Her passion is seen throughout her work.

Susan B.

Marcy Feld’s work is extraordinary!  Her portraits are intimate and beautiful, and make the viewer feel immediately engaged. She brings joy to any image, but also  can be provocative.  Marcy’s creativity and composition are a rare gift.  As an added bonus, she is a delight with whom to work.

Joan B.

Marcy has an incredible way of capturing the emotion and beauty of a single moment through her lens on the world. Looking at her pictures reminds me of wonderful, precious times shared with dear ones.

 Rebecca G.


Marcy's photos are a treasured glimpse into special moments in time.  By her ability to personalize time, she captures the unique quality of each subject! Years cannot diminish the special nature of her photographs that surround our home and represent the loving years of our life together.

Lizzie & Larry B.

What a gifted artist you are! The stunning portraits you took of my children beautifully capture their spirit in a unique way. The photographs are treasured keepsakes which continually bring me joy.

Gina L.

From the first time I met with Marcy, I was impressed by her professionalism and vast knowledge of photography.  Marcy is a brilliant artist with amazing ability to bring out the creative side in my boys with her positive energy.  Her enthusiasm and sense of emotion created a timeless collection of memories that I hold dear.  I have Marcy’s portraits of my three boys throughout my home and they will always be cherished by all of us. I have recommended Marcy to my friends and I would not hesitate to continue to recommend her. She is truly a fabulous photographer!

Aliza G.

Marcy is not just a gifted photographer, but she has very high "EQ" or emotional intelligence. Marcy not only puts people with whom she is working at ease , but is able to really "get" them emotionally -- and then, miraculously, (at least to me!)  she is able to translate this into a wonderful image. 

Ava S.